Star Wars. Remember it? That ground breaking, effects driven, cinema changing film icon from the seventies that basically created its own category of Science Fiction? Sure you do. You couldn’t possibly have forgotten it. Could you? Maybe you had. Who could blame you?  Without a theatrical release since 2005, the phenomenon from a galaxy far, far away seems to be fading far, far into the back of our minds. But do not fret fanboys and girls, Lucas Arts has something big in store for you come mid October, something very big indeed.  Enter Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2.  Now if you haven’t given the first installment a spin, put your fist in your mouth, grab hold of your uvula (that’s your ‘hangy downy’ thing for the laymen) and yank out whatever is wasting space inside your skull. But seriously, if you haven’t played it, I implore you to rent it and have five days, and $5.99 worth of imperial star destroying, lightsaber wielding, carnage filled, fun times. If you have played it, number two is probably going to set your cerebrum on fire. Now, this is by no means a review, more of a prediction from someone more astute and more hip to the mind bending powers of the force than you happen to be. So if you feel yourself slowly letting Star Wars and its once life changing awesomeness fade into your subconscious, then dust off your Jedi robes, and prepare for another dip into imperial space.

In the Force Unleashed 2 you’ll pick up the controls as Starkiller, Darth Vader's secret apprentice. Again, if you haven’t played number one, maybe don’t read this, and maybe go take a bath in hot oil.  In this installment you’re not actually the OG Starkiller, but a clone, escaping a spooky cloning facility. The game takes place smack dab between “Revenge of the Sith” and “A New Hope”. So, I mean, come on. If the ambition of the storytelling and the excitement of bridging this gap alone isn’t enough to convince you to play this game then you probably have never heard of a ton-ton and are still puzzling over what an “Aluminum” Falcon might look like. As Starkiller, you’ll spend the duration of this sequel most likely narrowly escaping Darth Vader’s ruthless onslaught, slicing storm troopers into white, armor plated pieces, and force choking anyone with a blaster rifle.

The last installment really expanded on what was possible with the force. The bigger, crazier, and more badass possibilities of the force were one of its main selling points.  But issues with targeting and clumsy camera control made some of the more gratifying powers frustrating. The sequel aims to nullify these problems. An advanced targeting system has already been shown and the already over the top force powers look absolutely out of control. If pulling a star destroyer right out of space and smashing it into the ground in front of you (a cut scene from the first game) doesn’t get your midichlorians pumping, then you just don’t have a Jedi name.  

Though not very innovative, interesting additions to gameplay like this tower dive sequence...

will definitely be welcome. Though this may seem reminiscent of some bits in God of War 3, as does the dual wielding and slashing combos with the light saber, I ask that you not write this off as a hack-and-slash button masher. Developers have promised intense and interesting boss fights that require inventive uses of force powers as well as variations of strategy and attack. Also, some enemy classes, like the one seen here...
will force you to make use of certain powers as well as remain vigilant in your surroundings. One of the most exciting prospects in the Force Unleashed 2 will be manipulating your surroundings, enemies and force abilities to keep the combat diverse. 

The Force Unleashed 2 promises more awe inspiring force power, dual lightsabers, Yoda, and even Boba fett, everyone’s favorite jetpacking bounty hunter.  The combo’s look much smoother; smashing an AT-ST into a massive hunk of twisted steel never looked so sweet, and oh yeah, two effing lightsabers! Brand new force powers have also been revealed, like "mind trick," which allows you to dominate the mind of unsuspecting enemies, making them fight to the death for your glory. "Force fury" will enhance all of your force powers, basically an overkill mode.

So if you need a dose of Star Wars, loved The Force Unleashed, or just want to pull a Tie Fighter out of the sky and drop it on an unsuspecting storm trooper, then this is, in fact, "the droid you are looking for."


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