Some of the Cast of Playable Characters
I am a big fan of video games.  I’m also a big fan of superheroes.  So when I played Marvel vs. Capcom 2 for the first time, I experienced what is known as a “nerdgasm.”  Don’t be grossed out; no bodily fluids are involved in a nerdgasm.  Here is Urbandictionary.com’s definition:

Derives from the word orgasm.
When someone has experienced just too much nerdiness at one time, they are said to have a nerdgasm. The person usually goes into a state of shock and can't speak for up to 1 hour. Never disturb someone who has recently nerdgasmed because the person is prone to just spurt out random nerdy things that regular people could never comprehend.

Person one: Hey check this out! Wolverine is fighting Ryu from Streetfighter!
Person two:*nerdgasm*!!!

So now that you know what sets off a nerdgasm, you can understand how close I was to having an episode when I read today at Gamerant.com that the first details and a teaser trailer for Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 were released. It has been a decade since gamers were graced with the last installment in the successful crossover franchise, but we were again reminded of the game’s 2D splendor when it was rereleased in the online marketplaces on both Xbox 360 and PS3 last year (which was great because you couldn't find that game in any store anywhere).

Check out the trailer at Gamerant.com

Expect nerdgasms across the U.S. when Marvel vs.Capcom 3 is released sometime in Spring 2011…It’s about damn time.


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