When I stepped into the back of a depressingly long line for the 8:25 showing of Cloverfield on it's opening night, I thought to myself “It's okay. All of these people are probably here to see 27 Dresses. I can still get a good seat.” But sadly, I was mistaken. I was forced to sit in the front row for what appeared to be a film in which someone's grandmother mistakenly walked around with the video camera on and then had sporadic seizures in a series of dark rooms. By the end of the movie I was left with I neck cramp and a nagging urge to yak.

But nausea aside, it wasn't the worst movie I've ever seen.

So as you might imagine, I'm not terribly excited about the rumor that a trailer for a JJ Abrams (Lost, Star Trek) project that is being titled Super 8, could possibly be a prequel or sequel to Cloverfield. The trailer is supposedly attached to Iron Man 2 and is rumored to be just as vague and mysterious as the trailer for Cloverfield.

As mediocre as I thought Cloverfield turned out to be, I would still be interested in seeing another installment in theaters, if only for the purpose of finding out where the hell that monster came from. I was sincerely pissed off when I wasn't provided with any of that information during the film. It's a pretty clever ploy for a movie that wants to become a franchise, I suppose. Even if the movie is average, if you leave people hanging, they might do whatever they can to feel like their time wasn't wasted by an incomplete plot.

But, who knows? The trailer could be for something completely different. In general, JJ Abrams does great work, and he likes to pull in fans with tantalizing cliffhangers. So I'm sure whatever Super 8 is, moviegoers will dig it.

What did you think of Cloverfield? Would you pay to see another one?


Source: screenrant.com/MTVnews

Ryan Saffores
5/4/2010 03:20:59 pm

From what I've heard all prints of Iron Man come with locks on them that have a code that won't be sent to theaters until Thursday specifically to protect the trailers that come with it. Whatever it is, they want it to be a big surprise.

5/5/2010 10:29:46 am

I to was left wanting at the end of Cloverfield BUT not enough to go see pre or seq in theatres. I can get the info from some other sucker who pays to see it, or wait until its out on video.


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