By now, I'm sure most of us have been caught in the indecisive limbo that comes during the closing credits of a movie. We decide whether or not it's worth sitting through a list of unrecognizable names for an indefinite amount of time to see if there might be an extra scene at the end. Most of the time, it's pretty easy to predict if there will be a post-credits easter egg, but occasionally...occasionally you will sit through what feels like a wait in line at the DMV with nothing but the name of the key grip to show for it. By the end, you are left sitting there whispering the question, “Are you shitting me?” to yourself.

I get the principle behind the post-credit scene. People work hard on these films and they deserve to have their names recognized. But still...

Say you watch two movies a week; that's 104 movies a year. The average credit roll lasts, say, about five minutes. Now, imagine you are forced to watch the credits to every movie you see because they all promise an easter egg scene. You just spent close to nine hours of your year watching credits. And worse, if you watched two movies a week for sixty years, you would spend twenty-one days of of your short life watching names ooze down a black screen. Fun fact of the day.

It scares me to think about how much time I spend watching commercials on TV.

Fortunately, Marvel movies pretty consistently have something waiting for you at the end of that long dark tunnel, especially if there is a sequel in the works or the movie is related in some way to the upcoming Avengers project.

Consider the following a Public Service Announcement:
Justin Theroux, screenwriter for soon-to-be released Iron Man 2, confirmed that there WILL be an easter egg scene at the end of the credits. If you care enough to sit through the credits you will be rewarded with a scene that is rumored to be related in some way to the Thor and Captain America films. That rumor has yet to be confirmed, but the scene does apparently exist.

What do you think, are these scenes worth sitting through the credits?

Iron Man 2
hits theaters on May 7th, so get ready to memorize the names of some on-set assistants.


Sir Mix-A-Lot
4/25/2010 12:06:29 pm

Why ditch out on even the possibility of a scene at the end of a movie after you have already paid for the screening and unlike a sporting event of some sort, you aren't fighting 40,000 people to get out of the arena but instead, 300. This movie is going to be crazy!

4/26/2010 06:03:30 pm

I don't ditch....Can't wait!!!

7/26/2023 07:26:17 am

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