Hobo With A Shotgun...
Hobo...With A Shotgun...
Hobo...With...A Shotgun...

Yes...Yes, I think they've done it. Hollywood has produced a truly perfect movie title. Has there ever been a phrase that was so mysterious, yet so literal? It begs so many questions, some simple like, is this a traditional hobo, a migratory vagrant hopping from train to train with a bindle full of baked beans and a switchblade in his boot? Or, just your average homeless guy commonly mistaken for a hobo? Where did this so-called hobo get a shotgun?

But inevitably, like in the never-ending search for God, these questions only lead to more complex ones; who is this hobo? Why does he have a shotgun? Well...maybe we'll never know. Maybe we aren't supposed to know. Maybe the very fabric of existence is held together by the fact that we don't know who this hobo is, why he has the shotgun...

Or maybe this trailer will answer some of those questions.

Warning: This is a red-band trailer with lots of graphic gore. Don't enjoy it too much.

Apparently this variety of hobo is the kind that doles out slugs full of justice. The best kind of hobo!

I've heard rumbling about this movie for a while, but I had no idea that it was going to be anything like that. It looks like
The Warriors meets The Road Warrior meets Bum Fights. These are exciting times for fans of hobo media. Finally, they are getting the recognition they deserve.

Hobo With A Shotgun features Rutger Hauer as the titular hobo with a shotgun. It doesn't look like there is a release date attached yet, so cross your fingers that it's some time soon.


Source: Latino Review
9/4/2010 10:58:20 am

Who's the director? Its has a Tarantino like feel.

9/4/2010 01:00:03 pm

His name is Jason Eisener. It's funny you say that because 'Hobo With A Shotgun' was originally one of the fake trailers for the Rodriguez/Tarantino Grindhouse movies. The same with 'Machete.'


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