Maybe you had a high school sweetheart in, say, 1984.  It was great.  You guys met by chance while doing one of those strange, arm-flailing, 80s dances during Madonna’s “Like a Virgin.” Later, things got serious after you guys went “all the way” at a drive-in showing of The Karate Kid, which, by the way, was nothing short of magical (both the movie and the backseat shenanigans). 

Then all of the sudden she starts saying crazy things like “This is getting too serious. Girls just wanna have fun, you know?”  So, you two broke up.  The school years went by; you saw her in the hallway, Time After Time. Then, in 1989 you guys tried getting back together for a sequel to your first relationship. Of course, it wasn’t as sweet as the first time around, and you were leaving for college anyway, so again, you went your separate ways.   Now let’s flash forward twenty years.  One of your fantasy football buddies helps you create a Facebook page and says that “it’s great for keeping in touch with old high school friends,” by which he obviously means finding old girlfriends. Sure enough, the next day, there it is:

“Ally Ringwald Wants to Be Your Friend.”

You guys spark up a conversation of remember- whens via private message (neither of you want to give your spouses the wrong idea).   You, of course, completely misinterpret her intentions and confess that you’ve wanted her back since you parted ways decades ago and you want to see her again.  She responds with “that’s nice of you to say, but I’m cool, thanks.”

And that, ladies and gentleman, is the story of the Ghostbusters franchise. 

Despite the fact that it’s been over twenty years since the last installment and that Bill Murray obviously does not want to return for another, people are still hounding him to do the second sequel.

As much as I enjoyed both Ghostbusters films (even Ghostbusters II), I’m really not interested in seeing another one.  The cast is just too old to come back.  Not that there is anything wrong with being old, but I don’t want to experience that same depressed feeling I had seeing Grandpa Ford during Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

The supposed premise of the film is a recipe for future failures as well.  As it now stands, the plan is to bring back the old cast and include some “new blood” that the original team will be able to pass on the torch to.  So maybe we’ll get to see comedy greats like Dan Akroyd and Bill Murray share the screen with Shia Labeouf, or Taylor Lautner, or maybe even Robert Pattinson! 

The thought makes me sincerely sad.

Why can’t movie studios just let classics go unmarred by the stench of sub-par sequels?  Not every good movie needs to be built into franchise.  I’m on Bill Murray’s side on this one.  Hold out forever, Dr. Venkmen.  Don’t soil your reputation.

Feel free to disagree with me. I can take it.Do you think we need another Ghostbusters?


4/28/2010 09:19:28 am

Agreed. We don't need it. Leave Bill Murray alone.

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