Youth or experience...?

An age old question. More like an old age question! Right? Am I right? Anybody? High Fives? Alright...

Each has its respective benefits and downsides:  Youth grants its beneficiaries wrinkle free complexions, and fully functional bowels, while cursing them with morning wood and high car insurance premiums.  Experience, on the other hand, brings wisdom and unwilling children to rub your bunions for spare coins, while burdening its recipients with leaky pipes and senility.

It’s a toss-up, really. So, which would you prefer Clark Kent have? Student loan payments or old man strength?

With the Superman reboot snagging director Zack Snyder, speculation is in full swing regarding who might step gingerly into the red underoos of the Man of Steel.  Snyder has been quoted saying that his installment in the franchise won’t necessarily be based on any particular story line in the comics.  With Christopher Nolan as the godfather/writer/producer of the Man of Steel, that isn’t surprising considering the creative liberties he took with Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

While many fanboys and girls are closing their eyes oh so tight and clenching their hopeful fists, attempting to will Tom Welling into the role (never going to happen), there are rumors circulating that DC/WB is searching for a more seasoned actor, more specifically, someone closer to the age of forty.  While this is a far cry from nearly every other screen incarnation of Superman that exists (George Reeves was in his forties when he donned the cape in the 1950’s, hence the “nearly”), the decision to go with an older actor might prevent us from getting another origin story. As interesting as those can be, there really isn’t a need for it. Try and find a person who doesn’t know what doomed planet Superman came from.

The tradition of casting a fresh face in their mid twenties may be a coming to an end.  One of, if not the only, popular rumored candidates is Mad Men star Jon Hamm.  Look at the picture...please.

Now look at this one...
If the guy can bulk up, what other middle aged actor would look more the part? Superman isn't drawn as young man these days, anyway. My vote: Get Hugh Jackman to workout with Jon Hamm and we have a new Superman.  And don’t try and get away with Hamm’s face on a ‘roided out CGI body in every scene, Warner Bros.  I want to see a superhero who is really unrealistically jacked beyond belief. I won’t settle for anything less.

Disagree with me? Who do you think should be the next Man of Steel?


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